What is MOR?

MOR is a full-service wedding planning and management house. We ensure that your experience is unique by providing you with the wedding solutions from end to end.

Do I really need to hire MOR or a proper planner for my wedding event?

Yes, you do. Planning, Organizing and managing wedding events is a strenuous task. It requires a lot of manpower, efforts and wise choices to pull off your dream wedding. We are a team of professionals and industry experts who know how to give your wedding the vision you desire.

What makes MOR qualified to be a professional wedding company?

We have been in the business for more than 5 years, and our portfolio is vast with a diverse range of clients and weddings that we have helped plan and manage. Our clients, work style, strong supply chain, vendors and management are enough to vouch for our experience and professionalism.

What is MOR Merchandise Store? How is it going to help us in our wedding?

MOR has a merchandise store that includes a lot of things required to make your wedding fun and memorable. From selfie props, invites, Nikkah Pens, customized accessories and a lot more, MOR Merchandise Store is your one-stop shop for all the wedding needs.

How to contact you if I have any queries that need to be addressed without delay?

You can call us at (92) 21 3534 4667 or email at for any other queries.


What services does MOR provide?

MOR provides potential clients with the following services:
  1. Theme Planning
  2. Design and Décor
  3. Branding of your wedding
  4. Menu Design, Tasting and On-location Catering
  5. Creative Communications including Wedding Merchandize and Props.
  6. Event Staffing
  7. Dedicated Chefs and Servers

Can we hire you as soon as we are engaged?

There is no early time limit as to when you can hire us. The sooner the arrangements begin, the better! Our dates are booked well in advance, and we would suggest you consult us for our services at the earliest as well.

Should we entrust you with all the arrangements of our wedding, or there are certain services that you don’t offer?

MOR offers complete wedding design, planning and management. We provide you with a consultant who explains all that we do for your wedding preparations. Unfortunately, we do not provide with salon services, photography & videography, or designer options.

What makes your service different than the other wedding management companies out there?

MOR is a full-service wedding, planning and management house. We are a team of professionals, and industry experts who specialize in designing and arranging luxury weddings. We have spent years in the wedding industry, are aware of the latest trends and know what brides and grooms of today want. We pick out the best that suits your needs and choices.

Can we pick some services of MOR and other services from another company? Do you allow select planning?

Yes, we do.

Will you work with vendors we select, or only those you recommend?

We do work with the vendors of your choice.

Do you provide venues as well, or we have to choose our own?

You can choose your own venue. However, is our strategic partner that makes it easier for you to shortlist venues as per your budget and need. We can help you get in touch with the venue of your choice, however if you want, we can select it for you as well.

Your rates are too high! I got cheaper rates from the vendors, why are you charging too much?

Quality matters and we prefer quality over quantity. We believe in providing suitable services that are a class apart and way better than the market, to make your event a memorable one. Quality and class always come with a price tag!


How early should couples start to plan their wedding?

You should start planning your wedding anywhere from 9-12 months, but we would recommend you hiring MOR at least 6 months before your big day for the desired, successful event. A fair margin of time givesnot only you, but to us a chance to plan your wedding with the best arrangements possible.

What are your charges for planning/ arranging a wedding?

The charges vary as per the client’s demand and budget. We try our best to accommodate you on the amount you have decided to spend. Though, our starting range is approximately 1000 – 2000 per head for minimum 300 guests. However, the charges may fluctuate depending upon your guests and the theme chosen.

Do you offer packages? What kind of packages do you have?

We offer multiple packages, depending upon the client’s needs, requirements, and the budget. For better guidance, we will recommend you have a meeting with us so we can discuss further.

Do you plan and organize thematic weddings?

Yes, we do. The themes can be customized as per the client’s requirements.

I am planning a destination wedding, can you help me?

Yes, we can! We do help in planning and organization destination weddings as well.

Do you take more than one wedding per day?

For MOR, customers come first and this is the main reason we stepped into the industry; to guide the bride and groom to be towards the right way. We are dedicated to your weddings, and thus only take one wedding per day.

How do we make sure that you are only booking us and not multiple clients on a single date?

We are often repetitively asked this question by our clients. Once we commit to you that we have a date available, we are sure of it, and ensure that no other wedding event interfere with yours. Believe us!

Who, from MOR, is going to be in touch with us throughout our experience?

Since the day you contact MOR to the day you are happily married and your work is done with us, we will provide you with a dedicated Manager, who is going to be with you throughout. The Manager you meet at your consultation is the same person you will be working with during your entire wedding planning process! On your wedding day, your Manager will also have a few Assistants and support team to help.

May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like working with you?

Of course! We will be more than happy to put you through our past clients, who had a great experience. We already have recommendations on our Testimonials page for you to get to know about our working experience.


What is your complete booking process?

Making MOR a part of your big day and booking with us is an easy process. Here is how you can do that:
  1. As soon as a potential client contacts us, we send them our initial details including the set budget alongside a wedding resume. The client must go through them to see if they fill the required benchmark or not. Once decided, a filled wedding resume must be reverted to us.
  2. As soon as we receive the resume with all the details, our dedicated manager will contact you and set a meeting at our office to discuss it further.
  3. All that you want and we must do is decided at the meeting, including the wedding package you want, décor details, and food packages etc. We note down your requirements in the meeting and get back to you as soon as we are done finalizing the package as per your need.
  4. We forward you the customized package set accordingly to your event needs. If we work it out mutually, then a contract is prepared that is to be signed and abided by the client.
  5. 50 per cent of the payment is to be made immediately. The other 50 per cent is to be made a minimum of a week before the event.

MOR sounds like everything we have been looking for. What happens next, and how to start the process?

That’s great! We are glad that MOR satisfied you, and you are interested us in making us a part of your big day. Please write us at so we can send you our dedicated event resume to proceed with the initial process.

What is your payment process?

The payment has to be either made through a bank deposit, cheque or cash payment. Either of the mentioned ways you choose, the bill will only be cleared once the amount is deposited in our account and is deemed clear. 50% advance payment is required at the time of booking. The remaining 50% of the payment is payable at least 15 days prior to your event date. In case of delay, the client will be liable to additional charges.

Can we cancel a booking after making the payment?

Yes, a booking can be cancelled, but it depends on the cancellation policies. The policies are mentioned in the terms and conditions that you acquire while discussing the details with us. Please keep in mind that the cancellation isn’t eligible for custom or thematic weddings.

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