MOR is your modern-day wedding consultant, planner, designer and guide.

We are an all-in-one design management and planning house, intended to break the clutter by bringing new and best practices in the wedding industry.
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Our mission is to provide exceptional wedding planning & management skills to our clientele

Since the day MOR was born, it is working to add luxury in the wedding industry of Pakistan. We want to become a go-to name for the modern couples for all things weddings. Our team strives to create a stress-free, once in a lifetime wedding experience for the modern brides and grooms through organizing complete details and proper time management.
Our mission is to provide exceptional wedding planning & management skills to our clientele through the joint efforts of our trained event managers and assisting vendors. With extensive research on the latest trends in the wedding world, we aim to constantly innovate and create resources that deliver the industry’s best practices, and continue doing that within the years to come.

Our vision for the future is not only to make MOR a leader in wedding management services in Pakistan

Our vision for the future is not only to make MOR a leader in wedding management services in Pakistan, but we aspire to make it a place where people are inspired to work and do the best they can. In the years to come, we hope to bring a portfolio of quality wedding planning and management ethics that not only satisfy people’s needs, but set standards all over.
Within the next few years, MOR will become an all-inclusive wedding design, planning, management and merchandize platform that will offer complete and upbeat services. We aim to make a happy difference through planning & executing great weddings.
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Wedding planning industry has been one of the fastest growing industries of the recent times. However, with the trend, the number of caterers and amateurs acting as wedding planners has also increased. This has led to the customers trying inexperienced companies, hence leading to disappointing experiences of their big day.

Eventiments started as a single event company for both corporate and wedding clients in 2011, but gauging the lack of specialized choices available for the customers in both areas, it turned into MOR. We are a full-fledged wedding planning and management house, and the name truly represents what our identity is.

MOR is a perfect representation of simplicity, elegance, luxury and class. We chose this name because we knew that there is nothing better than MOR to inspire our identity of creating weddings beautiful and magnificent.

Neither is MOR just another addition to the long list of casual wedding planners, nor is it just a catering vendor making all the arrangements for you. It is a properly structured wedding company for Millennials that has a workforce of industry experts, domain strategists, with proper systems in place. We have a chain of trusted vendors throughout the country, and we pick out the bests that suit your needs and choices. We started off with just one idea in mind, and that was to hit right the pulse of the latest trends with loyalty and customer satisfaction.

MOR identified what the modern-day bride & grooms needed, and made it possible for them. We are right in the center of the wedding trends, know what’s in and what’s out, and are focused on making the customers’ events the best experience for them.


Do More With Less

We believe in doing more with less by strategically employing our time and resources to create a team of smart and proactive people. We might not be able to do everything, but we can always do something.



We want to add value in people’s lives by introducing services and products that make an impact not only for our customers, but for us too. If there is a margin to grow and profit, we will always be ready to experiment successfully.


Be a Host

We act as a host to all our customers, which means that our team members are always humble and focus on what they want. We want to create a culture of belonging and warmth where everyone is welcome.


Be Passionate & Determined

We know that passion fuels confidence and creates excitement. We believe in being passionate and determined to create something exceptional for everyone. We never take ‘NO’ or say ‘It’ll never work’ for an answer.


Always Over-deliver

We never settle for ‘good enough’, because good enough isn’t ‘great enough’ for us. For us, going above and beyond with our commitment to the customers is the key, all else will follow.


Think Big

We think big, start small and move fast. We believe in making things happen the right way, while keeping the end result in mind.

We aim to make a happy difference through
planning & executing great weddings

We know modern brides and grooms have had enough of Desi planners and caterers unable to deliver what they want on their big day. But, MOR is here to change all that for you! We offer you a one-stop modern and creative solution for all your wedding needs.
MOR specializes in all sorts of luxury wedding planning and management for the brides and grooms of today. We provide our valued clients with a host of wedding categories and events to choose from.

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