Wedding Necessities- 5 things that you need in your wedding

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When it comes to wedding necessities there are many things that need to be taken care of beforehand. Sometimes the lists are so long, something is bound to slip our minds. Here is a list of the five things you will need at your wedding.

Bride Emergency Kit: Avoid Being the Bridezilla

First and foremost it is important to keep the bride calm and collected because once those nerves start spiralling, it is the start of all unfortunate events. The best decision would be to keep a bridal-kit on the go that contains all that you need at a wedding.

Something like this would cater to any wardrobe malfunctions or makeup touches. So essentially keep some bobby pins, some makeup wipes and a compact in your kit. Because you never know which wedding hug is gonna leave you in tears.

Grooms’ Survival kit: Hold On To That Tie.

Not only the bride but also grooms get nervous at the wedding. This brunt is faced by the family members and the close friends of the groom.

Remember, that it is important to tell the man to breathe. Get him a mint or perhaps a drink to calm those nerves. For such a time keep a groom-survival kit, this can contain a pair of socks or a spare tie. Those little things will slither away from your mind the easiest.


Mints and fun for the pals.

Through all the emotional and stressful drama, there is one constant that you can lean on, your friends. Those guys will bear all your whining and still proudly call you their friend.

There are a few things whose necessity is felt at the last moment. So prepare some wedding kits and surround yourself with trusted friends and family, they can take care of the guest. While you can save this time and hassle and focus on the more important task, your wedding. When it comes to desi wedding there is much more to worry about. Hopefully, by following these steps, your wedding goes a bit smoother.

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