Wedding Planning: The Most Common Problems Couples Face

To all the brides and grooms to be, take a pro-tip from us; it isn’t easy to organize a wedding on your own. 


Any couple who just had one discussion together on how to go about planning and organizing their wedding knows it takes the gigantic amount of efforts. A dozen things need to be thought of, decisions to be taken, timelines to be prepared and so on. In case you are still figuring what’s the fuss about, here are some of the most common problems couple facing during the wedding planning process:

If you are a bride or groom to-be facing these problems, stay tuned. We have a solution for you all!

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You Don’t Have The Time To Plan Your Own Wedding

Amidst your busy routine, you will initially feel that it will be okay to plan the wedding on your own, but that’s so not possible. The daily 9-5 job grind, taking appointments, meeting the designers and booking the salon etc. is already too much. You need a lot of time, and you just wouldn’t have enough of it.

You End Up Choosing A Wrong Venue

If you aren’t thinking about the kind of venue you want, your wedding entourage, theme and the décor etc., you end up choosing a wrong venue. If you take too long to decide, you miss out on the venue you want. This all frequently happens with the couples these days.

You Mistake An Amateur Wedding Planner For A Professional

The most stressful wedding experience? The planning parts! The couples frequently get manipulated into believing that the amateurs will be able to pull off their wedding events. On the D-day, you get the taste of excessive mis-commitments and most of the times a spoiled event that you never wanted.

You Don’t Know How To Distribute Your Budget

Distributing the budget is the hardest of all. Most of the couples unevenly allocate the budget, ending up spending less on the services which need more. Going ahead with an extravagant photographer, but the décor and Florals aren’t that great? Think again!

You Can’t Decide A Right Menu

You will be confused which caterer to book and what menu to opt for. If you don’t search around, which couples don’t, you will regret in the end. Guests remember food the most, and haphazard planning leaves couples embarrassed in the end.

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