Choosing Your Wedding Day Makeup Artist? Here’s What You Need To Do!

If you are a bride-to-be on a hunt to find your perfect MUA, you have come to the right place.

Choosing the makeup artist for your big day is as important as the venue and the bridal dress. While every MUA has his or her own specialty, it is difficult to choose the one who can do the look you want for your big day. No matter what, here are some ways to ensure you get the right makeup artist for your wedding.

While some makeup artists are good at a traditional bridal look, the others specialize in dewy skin. It’s all about the look you want.

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Decide The Look

Different makeup artists specialize in different looks. Of course, most of them will be able to give you the look you want, but why settle for less, when you can go to a pro? We suggest you decide the kind of look you want and search your makeup artist accordingly. You should decide the color of your bridal dress first, and as per that opt for a look that will suit you.

Determine Your Budget

Always set an amount you are willing to fork out for your makeup artist. Every makeup artist has different charges, so there is no point in approaching the one whose rates you can’t afford. Moreover, the budget also depends on the services you want and the number of events you are booking. Thus, you should not only choose the makeup artist you like, but the one you can also afford.

Get Referrals

You can always ask your friends who got married, check out the internet and get referrals. Seek reviews on bridal forums and ask for recommendations based on the look you want. You can also post on various Facebook groups and request the former brides to share their pictures, so you can get an idea. Real-life experiences always work out and go a long way.

Look At The Portfolio

The easiest way is to search for the MUAs portfolio to get a feel of the work he or she does. Look out for the makeup artist’s attention to detail, whether the makeup matches the skin tone, and is on par with the latest trends. Do pay special attention to the pictures that are relevant to your own celebration; as in outdoor or indoor. Some makeup artists will be good with outdoor makeup and not for indoor, and vice versa. Don’t take a risk with your look!

Request To See Live Brides

Finally, when you have decided the makeup artist and want to book him or her, you need to follow this step. It is how where you will be able to know whether your makeup artist will be able to create the look you envision for your big day. Simply request to see live brides so you can see the makeup in fruition. Don’t ignore the details, and if you have any questions always ask them. Most of the salons will let you see a live bride before going ahead with the booking, so don’t miss the opportunity.


Picture Credits: Natasha Salon

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