Brides! Ask These Questions To The Wedding Photographer Before Finalizing

You can always see which flowers to choose for your wedding, listen & finalize the music to be played, but photographs can never be expected in advance.
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You don’t really know how the photographs are going to be till they turn out. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot be selective and picky with the photographer you choose for your wedding day. So, all the brides-to-be, ask these questions to your wedding photographer before you finalize him/her for your events (not necessarily in the same order).

Your wedding pictures are going to be the memories of a lifetime. Choose your photographer with care!

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  • Ask the photographer about his experience and portfolio. This is the digital age, so you can easily search for his social media pages and website. In case, you are choosing a photographer on someone’s recommendation, make sure you ask him about his experience and do see the physical portfolio preferably.


  • Ask the photographer the charges per event. Before you even go ahead with the finalizing process, you need to know the rates. Thus, make sure you know how much you are going to pay for the service being availed.


  • If the budget is easily affordable, contact the photographer and ask if he is available on your event dates. Do confirm the availability before proceeding. If you are going for the popular ones, make sure you ask if the photographer himself will be free and covering your events or not.


  • Ask how many people will be covering your events. Getting to know about the number of team members will help you evaluate the value of your money alongside assuring you that your event will be covered properly.


  • Make sure that you ask him about all the shoots you will be doing together throughout your wedding, so there is no mishap later. If you have an outdoor shoot at a special location before the wedding, co-ordinate your timings, the availability of the location and everything else beforehand.


  • Ask the photographer how long he will take to give you the raw pictures, videos and albums. Do ask him if you will be undergoing the shortlisting process on your own, or he will be doing that for you.


  • Finally, if you have reservations with your pictures being used on social media and marketing collaterals, don’t forget to ask the photographer’s policy on this matter. You wouldn’t want to end up having an argument with him over this matter.

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