Nida & Uzair

Nida initially didn’t want a lavish wedding, but hearing the ideas MOR had to offer, she gave in to our discretion.

Nida and Uzair met during their university days and since the fate had it, they ended up falling for each other. They decided to tie the knot soon after their graduation, and thus they got married on 12th February 2017. Just like with all the other events, even though they had been planning everything well, there was lot to manage and things kept popping out of nowhere. Nida was too pre-occupied with the shopping and stuff that she couldn’t find time to plan the major events. Though she wasn’t into fancy stuff and lavish weddings initially, but her family had a completely different plan. So, she gave in to their discretion and decided to opt for something grand.

It was a great experience to work with MOR. They listened to every detail and made sure I got what I wanted. Everything was up to par and my event turned out great – Nida Masood

Nadia 1
Nadia 2

They got to hear about MOR from their friends, and decided to try us out for their wedding event. Nida was determined to find out a wedding planner that she can count on throughout the process, hence she chose us. She loved MOR and was satisfied with the services we had to offer. The primary focus of the couple was on the floral decorations and a beautiful backdrop. We put a lot of effort to make their wedding worthwhile, considering every single detail of what, when, where and how they wanted their desired arrangements to take place and made sure that their Big Day does not lose even a bit of its charm.

Everyone who attended the wedding was of the same view that MOR made every possible effort to make the wedding perfect. From planning to execution, we were able to add value to each step, making the venue look exceptionally better than what everyone had imagined. The setup was no doubt complimented by all guests, and we are delighted that everyone had a great time. So, Nida and Uzair will recommend MOR to all those who are getting married and wish to make their dreams come true!

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