Aqdus & Zeeshan

Aqdus’s wedding was a star-studded affair, but she and definitely her event managed to steal the spotlight.
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Who wouldn’t want their wedding day to be cherished, recognized and applauded. Especially when the spotlight is on you, and there and hundreds and thousands of people who are following you and would love to see just the glimpse of yours, you would want to make the most out of your wedding event. Considering this, the girl from ‘Choti Si Kahani’ drama series and otherwise the sister of Sadia Ghaffar – Aqdus Ghaffar – got her wedding planned and managed by team MOR.

Thank you MOR for making my wedding beautiful. Loved the décor, stage and everything. It couldn’t have been better. Good job! – Aqdus Ghaffar

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Sadia 1

It was quite a difficult task to manage, as we took the charge just a few days before the main event. From planning to execution, there was just a little time left to arrange and the event was to be held grand. There were esteemed guests, hence the wedding had to look upscale and opulent. Team MOR decided to jump in with its best and turned the simple outdoor venue into a beautiful and glorious setup. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we burned off nights to make this wedding setup a successful one. It all paid off when the couple seemed genuinely excited and happy to see their venue.

The setup, décor, lightening, stage, backdrop and especially the photobooth (especially designed at the couple’s request) was loved by everyone. Aqdus and Zeeshan cherished the experience we created and thanked MOR for giving life to their fairytale. They were thankful, and we couldn’t be happier.

MOR is always trying to create a lifetime experience for its customers and this wedding was just one of them, albeit more special, grander and more fun.


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